Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Fotos -- March 15, 2013

Margaret "Maggie" Conner (1860 - 1935)
Maggie (Conner) Tew
Edward Clifford Tarr (1884 - 1948)

Edward Clifford Tarr and his wife, Edna Lillian (Tew) Tarr

My great grandmother, Margaret (Conner) Tew was born on March 6, 1860 in Dedham, Massachusetts.  Both her parents were born in Roscommon County, Ireland. She married John Andrew Tew in Coventry, Rhode Island on August 27, 1882 at age 22. "Maggie" as she was known, must have been a very tough and resilient lady for her life was not easy. She lost three of her five children and her husband all within the space of five years (1888 - 1903). Her husband and her youngest child died within months of one another. [See, "Immortality Lies in Being Remembered by Family and Friends" re: John Andrew Tew posted here January 27, 2013.] Maggie's only daughter was Edna Lillian Tew, born in 1885. Edna is pictured immediately above with her husband, "Cliff" Tarr. Edna is my Grand Aunt, the older sister of my grandfather, Arnold G. Tew.

Clifford Tarr was a master engraver.  He was born on February 10, 1884 in Providence, Rhode Island. He married Edna in Providence on June 1, 1910. Their daughter and only child, Mildred, was born in Attleboro, Massachusetts and later the family moved to Wallingford, Connecticut. Clifford died in Meriden, Connecticut on March 6, 1948. This must have been doubly difficult on my Grand Aunt Edna because this meant her husband died on her mother's birthday!

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