Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Fotos (March 1, 2013) -- Three Sisters and Three Sisters

The Fennell sisters: Jane, Susan/Susannah and Elizabeth circa 1869.

The maternal side of my wife's family is from Canada.  Her maternal great grandmother is Elizabeth Ann (Fennell) Jeffs who was born in Bradford, Ontario, Canada on December 12, 1866. Elizabeth was the daughter of Robert Fennell and his wife, Mary Jane (Wood) Fennell.  Robert and Mary Jane had seven children -- three girls (Jane, Elizabeth and Susan/Susannah) and four boys (William, Albert, Robert and Thomas).

On September 16, 1891, at age 24, Elizabeth Ann Fennell married Herbert Beverly "H.B." Jeffs in Bradford, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada.  H.B. was 27 years old at the time of their marriage.

The Jeffs sisters: Eulalie, Kathleen/Kay and Helen circa 1900.
H.B. and Elizabeth Jeffs had three daughters.  The eldest, Eulalie Lillian Mary Jeffs, born in 1893, is my wife's maternal grandmother.  Eulalie's younger sisters were Helen Elizabeth Jeffs, born 1894, and Kathleen "Kay" Lorna Jeffs, born 1897.

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  1. John, I enjoyed seeing your Three Sisters photos.

  2. Thank you Barbara! I love having these old photos availale and like to put them up here where they can be viewed and shared with those who have a family connection or just and interest; it preserves the photos and information on the subjects by wide dispersion. I knew my wife's grandmother for several years before she passed away and I always liked this picture of her as a little girl with her sisters.

    I liked your post on early census research -- and found it informative!