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Friday Fotos (June 28, 2013) -- Clifford, Edna and Mildred Tarr 1920

Clifford, Edna and Mildred Tarr out on a drive (location unknown)

Judging by the foliage on the trees in the distance and the grass still dark beside the stone wall, this photo was probably taken in the late summer to early fall.  The location is unknown, but the year was 1920.  The drive must have been at a somewhat leisurely pace (or the car was stopped to pose for the photograph) because the woman in the back is not holding on to her hat.  It must have been cool because the driver is wearing an overcoat and the woman in back appears to have a jacket on.  The photograph seems to capture a nice family drive on what probably passed for an improved roadway at the time since it is wide, level and nicely groomed without obvious pot holes or other depressions.

This is a family outing of the Clifford and Edna Tarr family.  Edna, the woman sitting in the back seat, is Edna Lillian (Tew) Tarr, the older sister of my paternal grandfather, Arnold G. Tew, Sr.  Sitting beside my grand aunt is her daughter, Mildred Tarr, who is about 9 years old at the time of this photograph.  The driver is Edna's husband and Mildred's father, E. Clifford Tarr.

Since the Ford Model A did not come out until 1927, the Tarr's automobile is undoubtedly a Ford Model T (also known as the Tin Lizzie).  The Model T was produced from 1908 until 1927 when the Model A replaced it.  By May 26, 1927 some 15 million Model Ts had been produced.
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Photograph courtesy of my cousin, Bruce Marquardt, son of Mildred Marquardt nee Tarr (the little girl in the back seat).
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