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Friday Fotos (December 20, 2013) -- Marriage Affidavit for George Douglas Jeffs and Eulalie Lillian Mary Jeffs

Molly's maternal grandparents met when they were in college at the University of Toronto.  They had the same surname although there has never been any indication of a prior connection between their two families.  Like Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, there was never any need for a legal change of the bride's surname or of the initials on any possessions.

George Douglas Jeffs and Eulalie Lillian Mary Jeffs were married on October 4, 1919 in York, Ontario, Canada. As the affidavit received on October 18, 1919 by the Registrar General of Ontario states, both the bride and groom maintained their usual place of abode within the Province of Ontario for fifteen days immediately preceding the date of the affidavit, which was October 3, 1919.  The bride and groom further stated that there was "no affinity, consanguinity, prior marriage or other lawful cause or legal impediment to bar or hinder the solemnization of [their] marriage."

One note of interest in the marriage affidavit is the line labeled "Condition of Life."  The bridegroom was given the choice of indicating either "bachelor" or "widower" whereas the choices given the bride were "spinster" or "widow."  Today a "spinster" is not thought of as merely an unmarried woman.  The term today carries with it more negative connotations and usually refers to an elderly woman who has never married -- an "old maid."  Eulalie was 26 years old at the time of her marriage and her occupation was "Dietitian."  Douglas was 25 years old and a "Physician." 

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Original affidavit in the family document collection.
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