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Military Monday (October 13, 2014) -- Everett S. Carpenter in his Rhode Island State Guard uniform

This past weekend while visiting family in Pennsylvania, I had the opportunity to peruse boxes of family photographs and snapshots that my sister discovered after they had been stored away and forgotten for many years.  I spent several hours sorting and looking through them with my parents and siblings and my wife.  I now have a shoe box full of photos to begin scanning and preserving.  The result of these these efforts will undoubtedly be material for The Prism for some time to come, but today is the first reveal of many previously forgotten and undiscovered photographic treasures.

As posted here during some Military Mondays in September, my maternal grandfather, Everett Shearman Carpenter, served in World War I and then joined the Rhode Island Militia where he served for several years in a provisional company of the Rhode Island State Guard Reserve. He was promoted to the rank of Captain in the Militia/State Guard Reserve on June 3, 1943. In the recently discovered photograph shown above, Everett is seen in his Militia/State Guard uniform bearing on his left shoulder the insignia of the Rhode Island State Guard Reserve.  He also has the rank insignia of Captain. The original snapshot is dated June 20, 1944 on the back -- fifteen months before my grandfather was promoted to the rank of Major and nineteen months before he was honorably discharged on January 19, 1946.

Insignia of the Rhode Island State Guard
used from 1941 - 1947

The snapshot was taken in the backyard of what was then 551 High Street in Cumberland, Rhode Island, my grandfather's life-long home.  He is shown standing beside his Packard.

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Scan from the original snapshot in the family collection.

Image of the Rhode Island State Guard shoulder insignia from
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