Thursday, December 18, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday (December 18, 2014) -- Richard Carpenter Knight

[L to R] Everett Carpenter, Sarah Etta Carpenter, Richard Carpenter Knight, and Samuel Eber Carpenter (circa 1923-24)

I have written previously about my grand aunt Ruth Ann [Carpenter] Knight and her son, Richard Carpenter Knight (1920 - 1975), my 1st cousin 1 x removed (see, It is a sad story really, but one that was not all that unusual or rare in the days of births before the advent of the miracle antibiotics and modern surgical methods.

When Richard's mother died in the days following his birth, I am sure his father, Ira W. Knight, was devastated by the sudden loss of his young wife and being left alone with a newborn son. I do not know the circumstances of Ira's parents at the time, but Ruth Ann's parents (Richard's maternal grandparents) stepped in to take care of little Richard and he lived with his grandparents and his Uncle Everett (my maternal grandfather) for the first several years of his life. Richard lived with the Carpenters at 551 High Street in Cumberland on their small "farmette" of a few acres with its barn, gardens, trees, open fields and access to a babbling brook. It must have been a wonderful time for a little boy while it lasted. Richard's father, Ira, married Christina Arnold (1898 - 1970) on June 11, 1925 when Richard was almost five years old. Richard went to live with his father and stepmother shortly after they returned from their honeymoon to Bermuda on June 29, 1925. 

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Scan of the original snapshot in the collection of the author.
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