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Another Gift From A VERY Kind Cousin -- Friday Fotos (July 10, 2015)

One of the wonderful things about doing genealogy and blogging is the likelihood that one will find previously unknown relatives.  In a little over three years of blogging, I have probably found and had communication with a handful of distant cousins of one degree or another.  A delightful bonus to discovering distant relatives is the ability to exchange genealogical information that one or both parties did not previously know about.  And even better is the ability to exchange ancestor photographs or genealogical artifacts.

Almost a year ago I posted here regarding the extremely kind gift I received of a photograph of my 3x great grandmother, Nancy Mason [Bullock] Carpenter.  

Charlene Butler is a descendant of Abel Bullock (1769 - 1832).  Abel is her 3x great grandfather.  He is my 4x great grandfather.  Abel's daughter, Nancy Mason Bullock (1793 - 1880), is the sister of Charlene's ancestor, Samuel Buffum Bullock (1810 - 1889).  This makes Charlene my very generous 4th cousin 1x removed.

When Charlene realized she had a photograph of my 3x great grandmother, she generously sent me the photograph stating that while Nancy Mason [Bullock] Carpenter was her 2x great aunt, Nancy was my 3x great grandmother -- an ancestor rather than a relative.  The photograph is one of my most treasured family artifacts since it provides the visual image of an ancestor now eight generations back from my granddaughter, Nora Tew! 

Charlene happens to also be descended from a common ancestor in my Tew line.  Charlene is descended from my 8x great grandparents, Richard Tew (1605 - 1673) and his wife Mary [Clarke] Tew (1618 - 1687), through their daughter, Mary Tew (1647 - 1688).  This makes Charlene my 9th cousin 1x removed through my father's Tew line while she is also my 4th cousin 1x removed through my mother's Carpenter line.  A genealogical "two-fer!" 

While Charlene and I have not actually met -- yet -- we have been in fairly regular communication for the last year and her kindness and generosity simply overwhelm me.  Most recently Charlene gifted me with another item (shown above) that she came across while going through materials she inherited from her mother.  It is the original social "calling card" of Ruth A. Miller, also known as Mrs. Samuel Carpenter.  Ruth A. [Miller] Carpenter is my 2x great grandmother on my mother's side.  Nancy Mason [Bullock] Carpenter was her mother-in-law.  And while I now have a photograph of Nancy and of her son Samuel, I have been unable to find anywhere a photograph of Ruth -- but now thanks to my double-cousin Charlene Butler, I have one of Ruth's original calling cards! 

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Scanned image of the Ruth A. [Miller] Carpenter calling card from the original generously gifted to the author by Charlene Butler.
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