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Heather's Honor Roll Project (Memorial Day 2017) -- Wallingford, Connecticut World War II Memorial Part 2 -- C through E

Wallingford, Connecticut Town Hall

Monday, May 29, 2017, is Memorial Day. 

Among the Honor Roll memorials located in Wallingford, Connecticut on the grounds of the Town Hall is one for those who served (and in some cases died) in World War II. It is by far the most extensive memorial listing of veterans of war who lived in Wallingford.  The list contains hundreds of names -- in fact so many that it will take several posts to get them all transcribed and published. This is the second post of names from the Wallingford WWII Memorial. It will cover all the names in alphabetical order from C through E . . . and that comprises 298 names. [For the first post listing the 244 names from this memorial that begin with A or B, pease see the earlier post here.]  

I know that finding a database of transcribed names is one thing for those who are searching for ancestors and relatives, but for those who cannot make a trip to see the actual memorial, a photograph of their family member's name would be a very useful gift for inclusion in family genealogies; therefore, it is my intention to do a blog post shortly after posting each list of transcribed names to publish the photographs from which I worked to do the transcriptions. Please check back here periodically after you see a listed name of an ancestor or relative in a post and you will then be able to get a photograph of the name in a close-up of the memorial panel containing your family member's name.  [UPDATE: The close-up photos for surnames C through E on this memorial were published on May 30, 2017. You can view the close-up photographs here.]

For readers who take the time to scan the names, you will notice that unlike memorials for earlier wars there are a significant number of women listed on this memorial. Also, apart from the sheer number of names on the World War II memorial, one will note the wonderful ethnic diversity of the names in the list. And there are a number of obvious family members listed so that it appears several possible brother, father/son, and cousin combinations are listed.

My father is listed on the World War II memorial in Wallingford since he briefly attended a year of post-high school education at Lyman Hall in Wallingford before he entered Kings Point, the United States Merchant Marine Academy.  Prior to 1957 what is the present Town Hall was the Lyman Hall High School. [1]  I previously posted a close-up of the section of names containing my father's listing here. This post continues the transcription of the hundreds other names that are honored on the World War II memorial. The transcription posts will be submitted as part of Heather Rojo's wonderful Honor Roll project to create a searchable listing of all U.S. war veterans on memorials erected in this country.

One other point to make on this Memorial Day regarding memorials to World War Two veterans .  .  .
The names on this and other WWII memorials around the country list members of what has often been called "The Greatest Generation."  The names on these memorials recognize the hundreds of thousands of men and women who sacrificed years of their youth or middle age -- and in many cases their very lives -- to combat an undeniable evil. My father is now 94 years old. He turned 19 years old at the very end of November, 1941 and the United States declared war on Japan and Germany on December 8th and December 11th, 1941, respectively.  Before my father turned 20 years old he was attending the United States Merchant Marine Academy and shortly thereafter was making voyages to deliver supplies and materiel in the war effort. Today as we commemorate those members of the greatest generation who died in WWII, it is important to pause and realize -- with respect to this particular memorial and so many others like it -- that almost all of the men and women enumerated on WWII memorials are no longer with us. If they survived the war, the great majority have lived their lives and passed on. Very, very few remain with us today. Lift a glass today to all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice and to those who served!   

The World War II memorial on the grounds of the Wallingford Town Hall

The names of the men and women honored on the Wallingford World War II memorial with surnames beginning with C through E are as follows . . .

Joachim Cachucho                        Mario Cachucho                 Fred John Cadete
Joseph Calabrese                          Victor R.Calabrese              James E. Calamari
Theodore F. Campos                     John F. Canell                     Albert G. Canelli
Edmund J. Canelli                        Adrian Canning                   Charles J. Canning
Francis J. Canning                        James R. Canning               John W. Canning
William T. Canning                      James R. Cannon                Robert J. Cannon
Casper J. Caplan                           Jacob J. Caplan, Jr.             Anthony L. Cappella
Alan A. Carey                               Dominic A. Carini              John B. Carini
Arthur G. Carlson                         Gustave A. Carlson            Walter J. Carmody
August Carretta                             Francis W. Carroll, Jr.        John H. Carroll
John W. Carroll                             William F. Carroll              Carmel M. Cascio
Raymond J. Cascio                        Sebestian J. Cassarino       Anthony J. Cassella
Albert Cassello                              Frank M. Cassello             George E. Cassidy
Robert F. Cassin                            Joseph A. Catala                Archie J. Caturia
Peter F. Cefarilli                            Paul D. Cella                     Richard J. Cella
Albert J. Centner                           Frank Cerato                     Louis Cerato
Raymond W. Cerato                      Frank C. Cerri                  Walter P. Chandler
Wilbur R. Chandler                       Harry W. Chapman           Andrew Chappo
Joseph F. Chappo                          Louis P. Chappo                John P. Charnysh
Joseph F. Charron                         Marvin M. Cherico           Joseph Cherry, Jr.
Joseph Chervak                            William F. Chervak           Joseph Chiarelli
Teddy Chiz                                   John J. Cholefsky              Joseph Choti, Jr.
Frank J. Chovitz                           Joseph R. Christoni           Charles Ciko
Leo S. Ciszek                               Stanley J. Citak                 Theodore J. Citak
Samuel T. Clapp                           Frank A. Claps                  Frederick W. Clark
Louis Clark                                   Olive M. Clark                 Paul Clark
Francis B. Clarke                          Francis J. Clarke              Lawrence Clarke
Richard Clarke, III                        Guy M. Cleborne             Max Cohen
William J. Colby                           Henry G. Collins              Lester T. Collins
Raymond M. Combs                     Francis D. Comerford      John E. Comerford, Jr.
Warren B. Comiskey                     Edward P. Condon           George J. Condon
Robert W. Condon                        William J. Condon, Jr.     Robert E. Connelly
Dominic P. Conte                          Vincent B. Conte             Julio L. Conti
John F. Coogan                              Norman P. Coogan          Charles E. Cook
Edward F. Cook                             Eugene L. Cook              George E. Cook
Thomas J. Cook                             William E. Cook             Carroll J. Cooney
Deforest J. Cooper                         Lloyd G. Cooper             Ralph A. Coppola
Vincent Coratella                           Victor J. Coratelle           Donald E. Corazzini
Basil Corradino                              Albert Correia                Manuel R. Correia
Ralph Correia, Jr.                           Gabriel Correia              Charles E. Corriveau
Alexander Cortes                           Joseph G. Coss               Joseph Costa
Jean C. Cote                                   Mabel A. Cote                Francis T. Coughlin
Edward T. Cox                               Dan D. Coyle                  Robert F. Coyle
John R. Craig                                 Theodore H. Craig          Kenneth B. Crawford
Donald J. Crean                             James F. Crean                Francis J. Crebase
David E. Creed                              Edward H. Cremo           Gartrell Crenshaw
George N. Cross                            Charles G. Crump           Harold C. Crump
Richard E. Cullen                          Thomas F. Cullen, Jr.      Thomas F. Cullins
William H. Curtis                          Vincent J. Cusimano       Edward P. Cutter
Charles S. Cwirka                          Joseph F. Cwirka            Joseph J. Cwirka
Victor A. Cwirka                           John Cyganik                  Stephen P. Cyganik, Jr.
Charles Cziko                                John J. Czine                  Aldo D. D'Agostino
Angelo D'Agostino                        Daniel J. D'Agostino      Mario V. D'Agostino
Philip V. D'Agostino                      William D'Agostino       Maxime Daignault
James J. Daly                                 John J. Daly                    Lawrence D. D'Amico
Theodore J. Damm                        Edward J. Daney            Firmino Danio
Alfred T. Danorovich                    James F. Darin                John A. Darin
Raymond V. Darling                     Edward H. Dauplaise      Howard C. Davidson
Stanley A. Davidzonek                 Barbara H. Davis             Ralph R. Davis
Steve A. Dawidzionek                  Julius S. Dean                  James J. Debaise
Mathew Debaise                           Merino D. Debaise          Michael J. Debaise
Pasquale J. Debase                       Edmund C. Dechert          Francis D. Dechert
Henry Delgreggo                         Anthony Delsanto            James B. Deluca
Leo V. Delucia                             Albert G. Demarko           Louis Demarko
Henry P. Dembiczak                    Walter Dembiczak            Walter J. Dembiczak
Daniel H. Demeo                         Glendon H. Deming         Howard F. Deming
Norman S. Deming                      Andrew Denigris              George Denigris
John T. Denigris                           Michael Denino, Jr.          George F. Denya
William J. Denya                         Richard A. Deroy              Emery Desjardins
Raymond M. Desjardins              Leroy A. Desmond, Jr.      Salvatore Diamonte
Joseph F. Dicarlo                         Xavier J. Dicarlo               Morgan P. Dickerman, II
Anthony Dicosimo                      Anthony L. Digennaro      Ernest J. Dighello
Frank J. Dighello                         Fred J. Dighello                Dominic J. Dinuzzo
Nell J. Dinuzzo                            Anthony Diorsi                 Edward F. Divine
William J. Docker                        Emil A. Doehr                  Charles F. Doll
Herbert J. Doll                             George W. Dombroski      John J. Dombroski
Harry S. Doolittle                         Henry A. Doolittle           Lawrence P. Doolittle
Raymond C. Doolittle                  Robert E. Doolittle           William R. Dorau
Kenneth Dorsey                           Peter Dorsey                     Romeo Dorsey
Charles H. Dougan                       James M. Dougherty        Charles F. Downey
Edward J. Downey                       Raymond J. Downey        Richard N. Downey
Emery J. Downing                       Real Downing                   Frank P. Doyle
Arthur A. Draghi                         John W. Dringoli               Louis J. Dringoli
Joseph S. Drost                            Charles F. Drum                Stephen A. Dsupin
Michael Dubar                             Nicholas Dubiago             Dennis O. Dubois
Dudley A. Dubois                        John H. Dubois                 George E. Duffy
Harold F. Dunbar                         Charles E. Dunn                Dorothy Dunn
Edward P. Dunn, Jr.                      George E.Dunn                 Howard J. Dunn
John J. Dunn                                 John W. Dunn                   Joseph R. Dunn, Jr.
Wilfred J. Dupre                           Daniel J. Dwyer                John J. Dwyer
Robert A. Dybec                          Joseph A. Dzeima             Alfred R. Eckert
Bruno W. Eckert                          Edward J. Eckert               Frank L. Eckert
Walter S. Eckert                           Dorothy A. Edell               Frederick E. Edell
John M. Edell                               Allyn F. Ehler                   Merril W. Ehler
Lester L. Eichorn                         Anthony J. Elionfante       Dorothy M. Emerson
Robert S. Emerson                       Frank A. Encauskas          William G. England
P.J. Erdos                                     Frederick F. Erff                 Joseph F. Eskenazi
Antonio Esteves                           Manuel J. Esteves              David C. Everett
Frank J. Evon                               Steve L. Evon                    William J. Evon
Edward W. Eylward                                  

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[1]  Lyman Hall (1724 - 1790) was born in Wallingford and served as a representative to the Continental Congress from Georgia.  He was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and later served as a Governor of Georgia.

Photographs of the extensive list of names on the World War II memorial in Wallingford, Connecticut were provided to me for transcription by my cousin, Bruce O. Marquardt, of Wallingford.  This transcription contribution would not have been possible without Bruce's very kind and willing efforts to make sure I had legible photos from which to do the transcriptions.  THANK YOU BRUCE!
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Copyright 2017, John D. Tew
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