Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blog Cards?

I am fairly new to blogging (less than two months), but I have already had a few occasions where people have asked me for the name and address of my blog.  I have happily supplied both to them by carefully writing out the URL and blog name in my all-caps, block printing -- so that they have a reasonable chance of being able to read it later.  [My cursive writing is atrocious and I gave it up many decades ago to the great relief of all the teachers I had from the 4th grade onward.  The only thing I write in cursive nowadays is my signature.]

It occurred to me (when I recently noticed an unobtrusive banner ad for Vistaprint on my Gmail page), that maybe a courtesy to interested people in the future (and a convenience to me) would be to visit the Vistaprint site and see what I might be able to do to create a simple "Blog Card" to legibly and accurately provide my blog name and address to anyone who might be interested. This blog is definitely NOT a business, but the business card format looked perfect -- and Vistaprint had an almost unbelievable offer of 250 cards for a mere  $10.  [It appears they are now offering 500 for $15.00 and even have an option to "Try before you buy -- Get 250 business cards for FREE -- Choose from 45 designs and just add text."]

Aside from their new offer to choose from a limited selection of 45 designs, the Vistaprint site provides a huge selection of possible card logos and design formats.  I had to quickly limit my explorations since all I really wanted was a basic card.  In less than an hour later I had designed and ordered my new Blog Card using Vistaprint's impressively easy step-by-step design engine.  Six days later I had the cards in my hand for exactly the $10 advertised -- shipping IS free if you don't expedite; but who needs Blog Cards in less than 6 days??

So here is my new Blog Card . . .

I am curious.  Do any other bloggers out there use a Blog Card?  If so, how about sharing a link to a photo of your Card along with any tips you have for others.

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I have absolutely no connection to Vistaprint!!  If you are interested, you can check out their options for a potential Blog Card here
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  1. I had similar cards printed up at Staples when I attended my first genealogy conference (NERGC 2011 in Springfield, Mass). Since then I've had some mini-cards printed up at Moo, and those have worked out very well. They are half the size of a business card cut horizontally. I carry them around in my purse or laptop bag at meetings and lectures. I just had more made up for RootsTech and NERGC 2013 in Manchester, NH

  2. John, I believe quite a few people use business cards, I know I began printing my own in 1999 when I attended a FGS conference. The current one is a bit creative. One side is the image on my blog, and the other side contains information, however, my blogger address isn't in full, so word to the wise. Double proof. In order to show you, I posted to a blank blog page, which I may or may not write about or perhaps remove soon.

    The cards were ordered through I love that you can add your photos. They have different costs for the quantity. I love this product, recommended by Heather.

    My blog is at so you can see the blog header.

  3. Heather and Barbara: I figured this was not an original idea by any means, but I was curious what other folks might have come up with. One nice thing I am discovering about genealogy blogging is the variety of great ideas and resources that are shared. I have looked at Barbara's post of her card and I like the photo idea. Maybe after using my 250 Blog Cards (years from now no doubt), I will look into getting something more creative and perhaps the smaller size like Heather uses. :-) I liked Barbara's blog header photo with the Irises from the time I first saw it. It's pretty and symbolic -- serene life and death on either side of the wall.

    Thanks for commenting and sharing your ideas and resources! I hope others add their approaches and maybe show what their cards look like.