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Discovery and Remembrance -- Part II

Kickemuit Cemetery, Warren, Rhode Island.

Gravestone of Robert Millard, son of John Millard, Sr.

Kickemuit Cemetery, Rhode Island Historic Cemetery -- Warren 3
In yesterday's Discovery and Remembrance -- Part I, I traced my descent from ROBERT MILLARD of Rehoboth, Massachusetts through his son Ephraim, to Robert's 4x great granddaughter, Ruth Ann Miller, to me.  Ruth is my maternal great great grandmother.  She and her husband, Samuel Carpenter, lived in Cumberland, Rhode Island.  This post now looks at the line of descent from Robert Millard through his son Nehemiah, to Robert's 3x great grandson.

NEHEMIAH MILLARD was the second son of Robert and Elizabeth (Sabin) Millard.  He was born in Rehoboth, Massachusetts on June 6, 1668 and so he was an older brother of Ephraim who was born circa 1676.  Nehemiah was married three times: (1) to Judith Mason on July 14, 1691; (2) to Phoebe Shores on March 3, 1696/7; and (3) to Margret Munrow on October 30, 1719.  It is the marriage and children with Phoebe Shores that provides the descent examined in this account.  Nehemiah and Phoebe (Shores) Millard had eight children.  The first five, including son Robert, were born in Rehoboth.

ROBERT MILLARD was born in Rehoboth on April 20, 1702.  He married Hannah Eddy, daughter of Eleazer and Elizabeth (Randall) Eddy, in Norton, Massachusetts on March 7, 1725/6.  Robert is said to have been the first of his family to move away from New England, but he did not do so until he was in his late forties.  He lived in Rehoboth as a farmer and preacher for some twenty-five years before he moved to Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York sometime after his father's death in 1751 and before he deeded 23.5 acres of land in Rehoboth to John Millard on February 27, 1752.  In the deed to John Millard, Robert is stated to be of "Batsman Presink, County of Gekipsee, N.Y."  Robert and Hannah had thirteen known children, the first seven of whom were born in Rehoboth.  Their tenth child and sixth son was Abiathar Millard.

ABIATHAR MILLARD was born on June 22, 1744 -- probably in Pawling, New York.  He married Tabitha Hopkins, daughter of Ebenezer Hopkins, on September 30, 1761 in Amenia, New York.  He died in Penfield, New York in 1811.  Abiathar and Tabitha had ten children (four boys and six girls).  The seventh child and sixth daughter was Phoebe Millard.

PHOEBE MILLARD was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts on August 12, 1778 and she died on May 2, 1831 in Aurora, New York.  Phoebe was married to Nathaniel Fillmore in Bennington, Vermont in 1796 when she was just 18 years old and Nathaniel was 25.  Phoebe and Nathaniel Fillmore had nine children -- six sons and three daughters.  Their second child and oldest son was born on January 7, 1800 in a log cabin in Locke (now Summerhill), Cayuga County, New York.  His first name was that of his mother's family surname --  "Millard."  MILLARD FILLMORE grew up to become the 13th President of the United States and it was 139 years ago today that he died in Buffalo, New York!  Millard's siblings were as follows:

          1.   Olive Armstrong Fillmore (1797 - 1893)
          2.   Cyrus Fillmore (1801 - 1874)
          3.   Almon Fillmore (1806 - 1830)
          4.   Calvin Turner Fillmore (1810 - 1879)
          5.   Julia Fillmore (1812 -    )
          6.   Darius Ingraham Fillmore (1814 - 1837)
          7.   Charles DeWitt Fillmore 91817 - 1854)
          8.   Phoebe Maria Fillmore (1819 - 1843)

Millard Fillmore (second from the left) with his siblings: Olive, Cyrus, Calvin and Julia.
 Millard Fillmore is my 4th cousin 5x removed (as calculated by

Millard and his first wife, Abigail Powers, had two children . . . 

Millard Powers Fillmore (known as "Powers") was born in Aurora, New York on April 25, 1828.  Powers was a lawyer who attended Harvard and practiced law in Buffalo before he was appointed a federal court clerk.  He died in Buffalo at age 61without issue having never married.  In his will he directed that all his family correspondence -- including that with his father -- be burned.  

Mary Abigail Fillmore was born in Buffalo, New York on March 27, 1832.  She was a teacher who taught at a private school in Lenox, Massachusetts and then briefly in the public school system of Buffalo.  She spoke French fluently and was conversant in Spanish, German and Italian.  Sadly, she died suddenly of cholera at age 22 barely a year after the death of her mother.  Her mother died on March 30, 1853 in Washington, DC just twenty-six days after she and Millard left the White House following the inauguration of Fillmore's successor, Franklin Pierce.  Her mother died at the Willard Hotel in Washington following an illness she first suffered after the outdoor inauguration of Pierce and that later developed into pneumonia. 

My common ancestor connection to President Millard Fillmore:

John Millard Sr.          m.          Elizabeth ______
                              died in Rehoboth, MA 1684          buried in Rehoboth, MA 1680

                                   1.   Robert Millard (circa 1632 in England - March 16, 1699 in Rehoboth)
                                   2.  John Millard (by 1636 in England - June 5, 1684 in Rehoboth)

Robert Millard m. Elizabeth Sabin                             Robert Millard m. Elizabeth Sabin

son Nehemiah Millard m. Phoebe Shores                       son Ephraim Millard m. Experience White                       

Robert Millard m. Hannah Eddy                                    Daniel Millard/Miller m. Hannah Thayer                                  

Abiathar Millard m. Tabitha Hopkins                             Peter Miller m. Anna Aldrich

Phoebe Millard m. Nathaniel Fillmore                            Asquare Miller m. Amey Bishop

MILLARD FILLMORE m. Abigail Powers               Eber Miller m. Abby Hunt

                                                                                       Ruth Ann Miller m. Samuel Carpenter

                                                                                       Samuel E. Carpenter m. Sarah Freeman

                                                                                       Everett Carpenter m. Ruth E. Cooke
                                                                                       (my maternal grandparents) 

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Photo of the gravestone of Robert Millard, son of John Millard Sr. of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, posted on Find-A-Grave by Debi (#46830109)

Photo of Kickemuit Cemetery with Rhode Island Historical Cemetery – Warren 3 sign posted on Find-A-Grave by R. Digati (#46577396)

Photo of Kickemuit Cemetery with the Upper Warren Reservoir in the background posted on Find-A-Grave by Daniel Tuttle Murray (#47795326)

Photo of Millard Fillmore with four of his adult siblings from the Millard and Abigail Fillmore House Museum website.
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