Sunday, March 10, 2013

Immortality -- Nora C. (Hayes) O'Kane

"Immortality Lies in Being Remembered by Family and Friends."
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Nora C. (Hayes) O'Kane

My wife's maternal grandmother, Nora C. Hayes (known as "Nonie"), was born in Astoria, New York on September 1, 1893.  She died on March 10, 1981 (thirty-two years ago today) at age 87.

Nora was one of the six children (all girls) of Thomas Hayes and his wife, Margaret Collins.  Both her parents and her two oldest sisters were born in Ireland.  Nora was the fifth of the six daughters.  Nora's father Thomas died young and before Nora was seven years old.  She and her sisters were raised by their mother Margaret, who never remarried. 

Nora married Daniel J. O'Kane in about 1918.  They lived for a time in Jackson Heights, New York before moving with their young family to Baker Hill Road in Great Neck, New York.  Dan and Nora had six children:  four boys and two girls.

Nora (Hayes) O'Kane with 11 of her grandchildren
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  1. What a sweet smile she had. Immortality indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you Celia for your comments!