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Tombstone Tuesday (April 23, 2013) -- The John and Margaret Tew Family gravestones

Tew Family Plot in Moshassuck Cemetery, Central Falls, Rhode Island

I have written elsewhere at The Prism about the sadness that visited the nuclear family of my great grandparents, John and Maggie Tew.  Of the five children born to John and Maggie, only two survived beyond age two.  Their only daughter and eldest child, Edna Lillian Tew, and my grandfather, Arnold George Tew, survived to adulthood and each married and had one or more children.  The above photograph shows the gravestones of the entire John and Maggie Tew family.

As shown above, the small gravestones to the right are the markers for the first two sons of John and Maggie.  The first-born son, Charlie E. Tew, was born on August 25, 1886.  He died about two months shy of age two on June 15, 1888.  The third-born child and second son, Henry E. Tew, died not quite a year after his older brother Charlie died.  Henry was born June 18, 1888 -- three days after his brother Charlie died!  Close-ups of the brothers' gravestones are shown immediately below.

Gravestones of brothers Charlie and Henry Tew

Gravestone of Charlie E. Tew (1886 - 1888)

Gravestone of Henry E. Tew (1888 - 1889)

The headstone for John Andrew Tew, his wife Margaret "Maggie" (Conner) Tew, the third of their sons to die in infancy, and their two surviving children (and their spouses) is shown below.  As shown on the headstone, the third son of John and Maggie died just shy of eleven months after his father was hit by a train and killed.

One Hundred Twelve years ago today, John and Maggie's third son, John H. Tew, was born (April 23, 1901).
Sadly, he died on December 2, 1903.

The headstone above also shows the two children of John and Maggie who survived to adulthood and married.  These two children and their spouses are buried with John and Maggie.  The only daughter, Edna Lillian (Tew) Tarr, my grand aunt, (1885 - 1969) rests here with her husband, Edward Clifford Tarr (1884 - 1948).  The only son to survive, Arnold George Tew (1896 - 1958), my grandfather, is at peace here with his wife, my grandmother, Huldah Antonia (Hasselbaum) Tew (1898 - 1983).

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All photographs taken at Moshassuck Cemetery, Central Falls, Rhode Island by the author.
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