Monday, August 19, 2013

Immortality (August 19, 2013) -- Edna Lillian (Tew) Tarr

"Immortality Lies in Being Remembered by Family and Friends." -- John D. Tew 

My paternal grandfather's older sister, Edna Lillian Tew, was born 128 years ago today.  She was eleven years older than my grandfather and was the only girl among the five children of John Andrew Tew (1853 - 1903) and his wife Margaret (Conner) Tew (1860 - 1935).  In fact, my grandfather and my grand aunt Edna were the only two of the five children who survived beyond age two!

Arnold G. Tew, Sr. and his older sister, Edna L. (Tew) Tarr circa 1956-57
 [My grandfather died in 1958, so the  Dec. 61 date on the top margin of the photo
is probably when the photo was developed.]

I remember my Aunt Edna and always enjoyed seeing her and being around her.  One of my best memories of her was when we visited her at the cottage she and her late husband, Edward Clifford Tarr, had on Prudence Island in the Narragansett Bay.  [Her grandson, my cousin, still owns that cottage, which has been in the Tarr family for more than 100 years now!  And as this is written my cousin and his wife are being visited on Prudence by my father's sister, my Aunt Priscilla.]

Edna passed away three days after Christmas in 1969 when I was a senior in high school.  In fond and lasting recollection of my Aunt Edna, I present photos of her and will raise a glass in her memory this evening!

Edna Lillian Tew, approximately two years old 

Edna L. Tew, age 6

Edna in 1902, age 17
Edna in her twenties -- probably around the time of her wedding to Edward C. Tarr when she was 24 years old
My Aunt Edna on the porch of her cottage on Prudence Island

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All photos -- many of which were contributed as scanned copies by the grandson of Edna Lillian (Tew) Tarr -- are in the collection of the author.  Thank you Bruce!
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Copyright 2013, John D. Tew
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  1. Wow, how wonderful to see her through the years. A great set of photos!