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Amanuensis Monday (January 6, 2014) -- Eber Miller's 1819 Poem

Eber Miller is my 3rd great grandfather.  He was born on April 24, 1805 most likely in Cumberland, Rhode Island. He died on March 21, 1877 in Cumberland.  He was the son of Asquire Miller and his wife Amey Bishop.

I have written about Eber Miller previously. See, for example, the posts of October 21, 2103 and October 14, 2013.

Today's post is the transcription [complete with errors] of a poem written by Eber Miller when he was just three months shy of 14 years old.  So far as I know, it is an original poem, but it is possible it is one he just copied since it seems a bit despondent and mature for a 13-year-old.  The spelling errors could argue against a copied poem unless the poem that was copied also had spelling errors.  

The poem was written in 1819 and is either the oldest or among the very oldest documents I have that was written by one of my ancestors.  Unfortunately, the original was folded at some point and the paper is now quite fragile. One of my other ancestors wrote in pencil -- barely visible in the lower right corner of the paper -- that Eber was "born 1805," which is correct.


          Ah wo is me from day to day
          I drag a life of pain and sorrow
          Yet still sweet hope I hear thee say
          Be carm thine ills will end to morrow
          The morrow comes but brings to me
          No charm disease or grief releaving
          And am I ever doomed to see
          Sweet hope thy promises decieving
          Yet false and cruel as thou art
          Thy dear delusions will I cherish
          I cannot dare not with with the part
          Since I alas with thee must perish
      Eber Miller of Cumberland
            January the 29 [??} 1819

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Original poem in the collection of the author.
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Copyright 2014, John D. Tew
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