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The Prism's "Top 5 Most Viewed Posts" for 2013 (January 26, 2014)

In the year I have been blogging here at The Prism, I have seen posts on other blogs that are roundups of the most viewed posts on those blogs. Most recently I was reminded of this as a post subject by the roundup Bill West did of the 5 Most Viewed Posts on his seven-year-old blog West In New England. In seven years of blogging, Bill has accumulated a very impressive 244,479 page views of his 1,477 posts. It exhausts me just reading that Bill has posted almost 1,500 times since starting his blog! I have only posted 274 times as of the one-year anniversary of Filiopietism Prism.

I have 28,001 page views as of the time this post is being written, but like Bill I have no illusions about that meaning 28,001 people have stopped by The Prism to actually pause and read one or more posts.  A significant portion of those page views are obviously "drive-bys" generated by the same web crawler programs Bill referenced in his recent post. Nonetheless, the very idea that even a small percentage of those calculated page views represent folks who did stop by to read a post or two is encouraging and flattering -- and I do know from comments and "plussing" of many posts that some fellow bloggers and followers have enjoyed at least a few of the posts.  I appreciate all of them and their kindness in leaving comments and plussing posts they have liked!

So . . . I would like to join Bill West and some of my other blogging friends and acquaintances in posting a round-up of the "Top 5 Most Viewed Posts" on Filiopietism Prism in 2013. The Top 5 are as follows:

1.  Finding A Cousin -- Kismet, Karma, Fate or Simple Serendipity Made Possible By The New Golden Age of Genealogy?  Posted Monday, February 11, 2013.  [312 views].

2.  "PublicProfiler Worldnames" -- A Surname Search Resource  Posted Wednesday, September 26, 2013  [253 views]

3.  The Genealogical Mystery of Thomas Tew, the Rhode Island Pirate  Posted Wednesday, January 2, 2013  [217 views]   -- This was a re-post of a piece first published in February 2012 on Heather Rojo's blog, Nutfield Genealogy, after her kind invitation to do a guest post.

4.  Family Recipe Friday [Thomas Tew's Blackfish Chowder]  Posted Friday, January 4, 2013  [204 views] -- And NO, it is not that Thomas Tew!

5.  Saturday Serendipity (November 2, 2013)  Posted Saturday, November 2, 2013  [177 views] -- "Saturday Serendipity" is an ongoing series of weekly posts recommending interesting reads found on other genealogy blogs or websites of interest. I have no idea why this particular Saturday Serendipity garnered so many more views than did other such posts.

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