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The Tews of Oxfordshire, England -- Friday Fotos (February 28, 2014)

In 2004 we visited Scotland and England during the end-of-year holiday season and since this was our family's first trip abroad and to England, we had to visit Maidford in Northamptonshire.  As posted previously, Maidford is the village from which my ancestor, Richard Tew, left for New England in 1640.  See,

Not far from Maidford in the Cotswold Hills of the adjacent county of Oxfordshire are three small villages within about 3 to 4 miles of one another not far from Banbury of Banbury Cross fame. Together the villages are referred to as "The Tews" -- Great Tew, Little Tew and Duns Tew. As you can imagine, even though there is no known genealogical connection of our family to any of these three places, we had to make the pilgrimage to visit these faux eponymous villages. And as it turned out, they are very quaint little places with recent populations of mere hundreds each (156 for Great Tew, 153 for Little Tew, and a little over 500 for Duns Tew) and they are widely known for their structures with thatched roofs.

The Post Office and village store in Great Tew

The four photographs above are of thatched roof homes in the village of Great Tew

A thatched roof home in the village of Little Tew

The church in the village of Little Tew

Entering the booming metropolis of Duns Tew

The White Horse Inn, a charming restaurant where we ate in Duns Tew.
See interior shots and learn more about the Inn here

A December sunset in the Cotswold Hills
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All photographs by the author (December 2004).
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