Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday Serendipity (July 26, 2014)

Following a hiatus of one week for a trip to Iceland, Saturday Serendipity returns this week with just a handful of mostly photograph-related recommendations for possible inclusion on your reading list this weekend:  

1.  UpFront With NGS provided an interesting link this week as part of its Mini Bytes post.  The first consumer camera -- the Kodak No. 1 -- was introduced in 1888.  Go here to see 14 examples of what early amateur camera bugs shot with their new cameras.
2.  Are you a bibliophile? If so, have a laugh reading this week's Friday Funny at My Ancestors and Me blog.

3.  If early photographs fascinate you, then you will be interested in seeing the tintype of the Irish housekeeper to the Confederate First Lady, Varina Davis.  Mary O'Melia served at the White House of the Confederacy and was a young widow with three children when she arrived in America.  See the tintype image and read the story here.

4.  Barbara Poole of Life From The Roots blog continues her wonderful library photo tour series this week with images of the Bolton Public Library in Bolton, Massachusetts. She also provides an extensive list with links to all the prior posts she has done on New England libraries that have genealogy departments.  You will want to see the photos and bookmark this post for the library photo post links Barbara provides!

5.  And speaking of old photographs . . . have a look at this 1903 photo of Miss Jessie Tucker at This I Leave blog.   Maybe you can help Donna find a Tucker family member who would just love to have this vintage photo of an ancestor or relative!
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  1. Aren't those round photographs amazing?! Circles are hard to cut accurately which is why, I suppose, photographs became rectangular or square instead of round (despite the fact that the lenses themselves are round).

    Thanks for including my BOOK post, John.

  2. Fascinating links, John. I'm distracted from researching my own work. Thanks so much for sharing these eclectic links.

  3. I'm sorry for the delay in thanking you for including my post, Life From The Roots, in today's Saturday Serendipity series. At the time you posted this, I was in another library, this one in Bar Harbor, Maine. Did you see any libraries in Iceland? I'm wondering what their genealogy section is like, probably there are a lot, and many of the same surnames.