Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday Serendipity (December 20, 2014)

The following are a few recommendations for inclusion on your reading list this weekend. 

1.   The Weekly Genealogist of NEHGS points us to some big news for those of us with Irish roots. The National Library of Ireland will be placing 390,000 images of Catholic parish records online by the summer of 2015. You can read more about this development here

2.   Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings blog just posted with permission a colorful and easily followed family relationship chart published by You can read here about the chart, see an example and get a link to where you can download and print your own copy. 

3.    A picture speaks louder than words. And in genealogy we love to have pictures if they are available. The Legal Genealogist has a wonderfully illustrated example of how the quality of available pictures matters and why, when it comes to quality, we should be willing to pay to get the best. Read and see here.    

4.  The National Genealogical Society (NGS) has announced a new course in its Continuing Genealogical Studies series. This one is about researching your Revolutionary War ancestors.  
The cost for members is only $45.00 ($70.00 for non-members). Read more about this series and the new course here.  

5.  Heather Rojo of the New Hamster blog, Nutfield Genealogy, posted her annual survey of weird Google search terms for her blog. Have a few laughs and head shakes by checking out her post here

6.  Curious about The Census and how it works? Wondering about the kind of questions some lucky people get asked on the 2014 American Community Survey? Well, wonder no more because Denise Levenick of The Family Curator blog is one of the lucky citizens to have received the 28-page survey booklet and the warning that she is required by law to complete the survey or risk being fined up to $5,000!  Denise spills the beans about the survey here and it is an interesting read!   

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