Saturday, January 23, 2016

Photos Of A Historic Snowstorm

There will be no Saturday Serendipity this week in favor of memorializing in a few shots of what we have experienced here in northern Virginia.  The first photo above is, believe it or not, our four vehicles.

It is still coming down here steadily and has been all day.

Sadly, our new Toro snowblower, refused to start yesterday so we could get on top of this winter gift. We are 50 miles west of DC and tucked up against the Blue Ridge Mountains, so we almost always get more snow than DC.

I have caught something that may or may not be norovirus.  I am too weak to lend anything but nominal assistance.  Molly did a path through the driveway yesterday as our Toro snowblower would not start using the handpull or the electric start, so we took the blower into the kitchen for over night to warm her up.  That did the trick this morning and Molly used her on the entire driveway.

And then there is this photo of the roof on our attached garage.  Good thing we had new roof put on just a couple of years ago!

And finally, here is El Toro resting in our kitchen to prepare for another clean up tomorrow. A bit of advice . . .  having a model with an electric start is well worth the relatively low additional cost. We would have been lost if all we had was the mower-like handpull.

Amazingly, we have lost no power . . . yet.

Molly is a genuine hero!  ;-)

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All photos by the author.

Copyright 2016, John D. Tew
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  1. John, I knew you were getting a lot, so I appreciated knowing you are both okay (except for your current illness). Imagine getting three of these storms in two months, like I did last year! I didn't even see a snowflake yesterday, so am quite happy. Bought a small jar of Marshmallow Fluff for .99, thanks a lot, it's too good.