Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday Serendipity (August 13, 2016)

After a brief hiatus for our annual Adirondacks vacation, Saturday Serendipity returns this week with the following recommended items of interest . . .

Adirondack Sunset No. 1

Adirondack Sunset No. 2

1.  UpFront With NGS blog posted about the 2016 Family Tree Magazine's 101 best genealogy-related websites.  Direct links to the various website categories are provided and you will probably be as surprised as I was about the number and variety of informative and useful genealogy-related websites that are out there.  You can see the post and get the links here.    

2.  Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings blog fame tested information provided by about the updating of their indexing of public member trees.  Read Randy's initial post here and then follow his daily status reports to track the accuracy of the information that was provided to him.  It looks like this could be interesting for those who have a paid subscription to!      
3.  Readers of Saturday Serendipity know that I am intrigued by very old photographs and I love the analysis of them and attempts various bloggers make to try to locate family members for "orphan photos" they have discovered.  Elizabeth Handler of From Maine to Kentucky blog, has posted her analysis of a daguerreotype she obtained from her mother's sister.  Elizabeth shares her analysis starting with her post here and then invites readers to compare and opine on their thoughts about whether or not the photos are of the same person -- Elizabeth's second great-grandmother -- here.  See what you think and help Elizabeth by commenting with your opinion.      

4.  During this quadrennial Olympic season many, if not most, Americans tune in to some or all of the competition.  But I never thought about the Olympics being a possible source for genealogy research -- that is until I read Heather Rojo's post on her Nutfield Genealogy blog a couple of days ago.  Heather has a 2004 Olympian in her family tree and discusses how Google searches and specialized sports websites can be valuable tools for filling in genealogy data where you know or suspect an Olympian might be roosting in your family tree.  Have a read here.  [Elizabeth Handler also has an Olympian in her tree.]
5.  UpFront With NGS blog also had a useful link to two websites providing help with how to pronounce names.  You can see the post here.  [I had trouble making the link to Lisa Loise Cooke's post work, but I believe it should link to this post of April 17, 2016.]  

6.  And finally, an interesting post on Wait But Why blog that has little or nothing to do with genealogy -- unless you or your ancestors/relatives had jobs that depended largely or solely on tips for an income.  Read "Everything You Don't Know About Tipping" here.    

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  1. Thanks for the mention of my daguerreotype analysis.

    Readers should read the comments - a second cousin has made a suggestion that the daguerreotype is of a cousin of my 2nd great-grandfather - Anna Bronson (Alcott) Pratt, sister of Louisa May Alcott. If you look at the link she provides, I think she makes a good case!

  2. Thanks for the links, John, but thanks even more for the gorgeous photographs!