Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday Serendipity (August 27, 2016)

After another brief hiatus, Saturday Serendipity returns this week with the following recommended items of interest . . .

1.  On August 25th, Diane Boumenot of One Rhode Island Family blog posted her next to last entry in her must read series "8 Weeks to Better Rhode Island Genealogy Research."  This latest post is on military and pensions and can be read here.     

2.  If you or a relative have a family Bible that is in bad shape and needs rehab, you should have a look at a brief primer on the subject found by NEHGS at The Root.  If you then find yourself looking for a qualified and highly competent conservator, then let me recommend Jill Deiss of Cat Tail Hand Bookbinding outside Winchester, Virginia. You can read more about Jill's qualifications and her business at my blog post of January 21, 2013 here.
3.  UpFront With NGS has a post about privacy issues when publishing information about others. This is always an important matter and bears periodic revisiting, so this post is a must read and you can get links to other pieces on the subject.  Get to the UpFront post here.   UpFront also had an interesting and informative post about libraries that offer assistance in digitizing old photos and videos.  Read the piece and find out some of the libraries that offer these services by going here.   

4.  Since I am in the last stages of my blog series on Cumberland Cemetery 3 in Cumberland, Rhode Island, and I have gotten several nice responses, I read with interest Barbara Poole's post about cemeteries in Lowell, Massachusetts.  As always, Barbara provides some beautiful photos to go with her text. If  you believe you have ancestors or relatives from Lowell, you should have a look at Barbara's post here.
5.   With the subject of forced removals in the news of late, some might want to look at photographs of the forced removal of Polish Jews back in June 1940.  A post about the removal with several photos can be seen here at The Vault

6. The Legal Genealogist, Judy Russell, has a post where she simply recommends reading an article on the difference between plagiarism and copyright infringement. This is a very useful and informative piece and you can access Judy's post and the necessary link here.

7.   And finally as an update on Randy Seaver's experiment to test the updating of the indexing of Ancestry member trees, as of August 19th (after 8 days of the test), none of the four persons Randy added to his tree were found in a search in Ancestry Member Trees.  This is despite being told by Ancestry, "We have . . . moved our hinting into a new system that updates automatically after 24 hours after an edit has been made."  Ahh well.
See Randy's updates to his original posting here.

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  1. John, I had been meaning to write about a few of the Lowell cemeteries, but your posts about one Rhode Island cemetery was what prompted me to do it. Thanks for the push and the mention!

  2. Sorry, I should have said cemeteries (for your post), but I was thinking of Diane's One Rhode Island...and I added cemetery. Not sure if you follow this.

    1. Thank you for your comment Barbara! I knew what you meant right away. I follow Diane on One Rhode Island Family and as you probably have noticed I often mention her posts too.