Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday Serendipity (July 22, 2017)

Here are a few recommendations for your weekend reading.

1.  Readers of this blog know that like many other users of the Family Tree Maker (FTM) genealogy application, I have been awaiting the long-delayed release of the new Software MacKiev FTM 2017.  This week MacKiev posted three updates including its "Final Update" of July 18.  MacKiev notes that all emails have been sent to the pre-purchasers and waiting purchasers of FTM 2017.  As part of the final update MacKiev stated, "[W]hile the circumstances that prompted these reports were not what we would have wished for, we’re glad we had this opportunity to share our thoughts with you. To show you more than we would have otherwise about how we work. About our stubborn dedication to get it right. And about our delight at the FTM community’s encouragement to do just that. So we won't say goodbye. Just so long for now. And stay tuned." You can read all of tis week's updates here.

Having waited somewhat patiently for the final release of FTM 2017, I must say that I download my prepaid copy today and the download was easy, smooth, and without any installation problems. The syncing of my Ancestry trees was also easy and smooth so far.  The first hour of use was without any major bumps, but I am tracking a few possible suggestions for the future.  At this point I have to state that the wait appears to have been worth it and that MacKiev went to great pains to make sure the role out and functionality would be s easy and smooth as possible!   

2.  The General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD) and the New England Historical Genealogical Society (NEHGS) have just announced the launch of a new database to bring the authenticated five-generation Mayflower genealogies (known as the "Silver Books") in searchable form to a computer near you!  The first release will include genealogies of eight Mayflower passengers: James Chilton; Richard More; Francis Eaton; Edward Fuller; Samuel Fuller; John Howland; Degory Priest; and Edward Winslow. You can read more about the joint project and the new searchable online database here. This is yet another good reason to join NEHGS if you have not already done so!    

3.  If you have seen the Civil War movie "Glory," then you will recall that the commander of the heroic, first all-black regiment was Col. Robert Gould Shaw of Boston, Massachusetts. Col. Shaw was killed during the 1863 assault on Fort Wagner in South Carolina.  As he led the charge, he carried in his hand a British-made sword. That sword has now been donated to the Massachusetts Historical Society and will be displayed there. Red more about the sword and the donation here.       
4.  The Weekly Genealogist of NEHGS noted an interesting article this week about the accents of Colonial Americans. Did the residents of colonial America sound like their counterparts in Great Britain or not? Find out by reading "When Did Colonial America Gain Linguistic Independence" here.     
5.  Marian B. Wood of Climbing My Family Tree blog has a very useful post this week about a good way to caption family photos with context and location as well as the usual people identification and date.  Read this interesting post here.         
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  1. The Software MacKiev quote is all whited out and can't be read.

  2. John, thanks again for including my post about captioning with context. Hope you're enjoying your summer!

    1. Happy to do so Marian -- a very useful post. I hope your summer is also going well

  3. Thank you Linda. I'll attempt to fix it as soon as I can.