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Friday Fotos (June 21, 2013) -- North Attleboro High School Class of 1915

North Attleboro High School (NAHS) Senior Class trip to Washington, DC (Spring 1915)
Back of photograph.  My grandmother's handwritten identification of those in the picture

My maternal grandmother, Ruth Eaton Carpenter nee Cooke, graduated from North Attleboro High School, N. Attleboro, Massachusetts in the Class of 1915.  She was salutatorian (second highest in academic rank) of her graduating class and so delivered the salutatory or welcoming address at the June 1915 commencement ceremony.  [I have the typed original of her address containing her handwritten notes and her delivery emphasis marks.  The address will undoubtedly be the subject of a future post here at The Prism.] 

In the spring of 1915, the graduating senior class took a class trip to Washington, DC; while there, they  had the above photograph taken on the lawn of Mt. Vernon, George Washington's estate on the Potomac River south of the City of Alexandria, Virginia.  My grandmother wrote on the back the names of her classmates in the picture.  The back of the photograph states as follows . . . 

________ Class of N.A.H.S.   Taken at Mt. Vernon April 1915.

Left to Right -- Top Row  

Elsie Blackwell -- Gladys Reynolds -- C.J. Peterson -- Karl Kurtz -- Walter McCarey [?] --
Raymond Hall -- Louis Morse -- Edward Martin -- Elsie Wright

Left to Right -- Bottom Row 

Ruth Copeland -- Mae Stokes -- Elizabeth Strahin [?] -- Helen Whiting --
Florence Bell [?] -- Ruth Norton -- Ruth Cooke -- Julia Gay -- Clara Murphy [?] -- Doris Daly

This is not the first time my grandmother's photograph and her identification of classmates has been published.  A few years ago I contacted the Principal of the new NAHS and offered to donate a copy of the photograph I inherited from my grandmother along with her identification information regarding classmates in the photograph.  I only asked that my grandmother be given credit for the photograph and identifications.  You can see the announcement of the donation on the website of the North Attleboro High School Alumni Association here (the ninth post down from the top of the page).  You can follow the link provided at the announcement of the donation, or you can go directly to the photograph on the website by using this link.
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Scanned images  (front and back) from the original photograph in the personal collection of the author. 
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