Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday Serendipity (October 19, 2013)

Saturdays often allow a more leisurely approach to life than work days. I can more easily post links to some blog posts or other materials I have discovered during the week, or even to those discovered during a Saturday morning coffee and extended surfing of the blogosphere/internet.

Here are a few recommendations for inclusion on your reading list.

1.  Never assume you've looked everywhere.  Harold Henderson of Midwestern Microhistory blog looks at minutes of the La Porte County, Indiana commissioners and finds records of the burial of named paupers who would otherwise be unknown.

2.   Midge Frazel at Granite in My Blood walks us through using an iPad to give presentations to groups (complete with photo illustrations).

3.  'Tis the season . . .  Bill West's fourth and fifth installments in his Halloween Tales mini-series are about Peter Rugg, the "Stormbreeder" and the shrinking of Nix's Mate Island in Boston harbor.

4.  Churches and libraries, gardens and more . . . oh my.  I have said it before, but it bears mentioning again.  If you can't get back to visit New England as much as you would like -- or if you have never been to New England because you are too far away and are not sure you can swing the trip -- then you really should visit Barbara Poole's blog Life From The Roots and feast on the visual

treats she has posted of old New England churches, wonderful libraries, gardens, memorials and
more. It's the next best thing to being there!

5.  And speaking of New England, I just learned a lesson related to Harold Henderson's admonition to never assume you've looked everywhere (see item #1 above).  One must also never blindly assume that a geographical name refers to a single location no matter how specific and particular you think a designation is.  We all know that England is the source for many town and county names in the U.S. and that we need to be careful about locating and designating the correct one.  For example, do you mean Providence, Rhode Island or Providence, Utah?  Better yet, do you mean Boston, Massachusetts; Boston, Ontario; Boston, Belize; Boston, County Clare, Ireland; Boston, Lincolnshire, England; Boston, Alabama; Boston, New York; or even Boston, Kyrgyzstan?  Well we all know what we are talking about if we simply designate "New England," right?  We mean the six states of ME, NH, VT, MA, RI and CT in the U.S. -- duh!  Not so fast . . . have a look here!  ;-)   

6.  For both a heart-wrenching and a heartwarming story about how DNA is indeed changing the genealogy world and the lives of people searching for family connections, read this story recommended by The Weekly Genealogist newsletter from NEHGS.  Patrick "PJ" Holland is going on 81 and he never knew where he came from or that he had a cousin until . . .   

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  1. "Oh my," you have left me speechless with your kind words. I'm late in thanking you because yesterday I spent the day with a blogger from Rhode Island (yes, Diane) and we toured Lexington and Concord. Today, it was another cemetery, a canal museum, and more photos of other things. So maybe I'll be excused with the lateness. Thank you so much for selecting my post as one of your favorites.

  2. Thanks again, John, for the mention!