Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday Serendipity (September 13, 2014)

The following are recommended for inclusion on your reading list this weekend: 

1.            If you are going to be traveling to do some genealogy research, it could be handy to know what museums are in the area that might be a fruitful source for research.  UpFront With NGS had a post about a tool that will do just that for you -- the U.S. Museum Explorer.  You can find museum resources within selected miles of a zip code and then you can narrow your search by type of museum to include historical societies, historic preservations, etc.  

2.            As Barbara Poole of Life From The Roots blog illustrates in Part 2 of her photo tour of Lowell, Massachusetts, Lowell is a very interesting city.  While there probably are other cities that have shown similar pride in and memorialization of the ethnic groups that have contributed to the building of their community, I have to say I am not aware of them.  Barbara shows us the pride and recognition Lowell has for the people who have built the city.  Other cities and towns should take note! See Barbara's newest photo tour of the City of Lowell here. There is a lot to like about Lowell
. . . and one of the things is that Lowell likes its people a lot!

3.            James Tanner has an interesting and informative post at  Genealogy's Star blog about the importance of learning the meaning and use of sourcing in genealogy research. I like his reference to the often difficult lesson in the study of the law that distinguishes between evidence and proof.  In genealogy terms, sources are the bits and pieces of evidence that must be collected, analyzed, and evaluated before they can then be logically assembled into a mosaic that becomes a recognizable drawing for a well-supported conclusion (what in the law would be called proof).  You can have a read here

4.            UpFront With NGS also posted a very interesting piece about genetic testing and the possible unintended consequences that can result.  The piece links to two articles well worth reading if you or anyone in your family is interested in doing genetic testing for genealogical purposes.  You can read the piece and access the links to the two stories here.  

5.            And speaking of uses for DNA testing, how about possibly identifying who Jack the Ripper actually was?  Judy Russell of The Legal Genealogist blog had a post this past Sunday that discusses the claim that The Ripper has been identified after more than 100 years.  Read Judy's post here.  

6.           Lastly, how could one not mention a blogger extraordinaire when he reveals seven facts about himself to his 100,000+ readers a month and then, amazingly, honors your blog with a mention as one of the 15 blogs he admires?? I am speaking, of course, about Randy Seaver. He of "One Lovely Blog" known as Genea-Musings.  Learn seven things you probably never knew about this premier genealogy blogger (who I am proud to say is a recently discovered very distant cousin).  You can find links to -- and brief descriptions of -- some the blogs Randy admires here.  Randy was limited to 15 blogs, but as he said, he could surely name "hundreds more." So THANK YOU Randy -- much appreciated!! 

Oh, you can also go to Randy's blog and see a photo of "Charlie" his fifth grandchild and third grandson.  Charlie arrived yesterday and has already made his debut on Facebook!    
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  1. Thank you John for the mention in today's post. Because of an earlier conversation with you, I added information from Wikipedia, and learned some things!