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Samaritan Sunday (May 12, 2013)

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Perhaps the ultimate genealogical gift is the gift of continued life -- to have the opportunity to knowingly extend someone's life and give him or her the possibility of having children or allowing him or her the time to pass on an individual or family history before departing.  But honestly, how many of us would interrupt or even cancel our own dreams and aspirations to give such a gift to a complete stranger??

Well, there is such a young man in New Hampshire and today we recognize and honor him here as a true Good Samaritan.

Cameron Lyle is a track and field standout at the University of New Hampshire.  He had his sights set on the America East Conference competitions in this, his senior year.  AND he also hoped to compete well in the famous Penn Relays as the culmination of some eight years of shot put training from high school through college.  But what do you do when you find out YOU are the only match on a national registry for a man desperate for a bone marrow transplant to survive a rare form of leukemia?

If you are 21-year-old Cameron Lyle, you do not hesitate a nanosecond and you give up your personal dreams and aspirations and you make arrangements to donate your precious bone marrow to possibly save and extend the life of someone you have never even met.

Read the full story of this Good Samaritan here and see a photo of this exceptional young man!
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Photograph of the The Good Samaritan sculpture by Francois-Leon Sicard (1862 - 1934).  The sculpture is located in the Tuileries Gardens in Paris, France.  The photograph is by Marie-Lan Nguyen and has been placed in the public domain by her. See,
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