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Military Honor Roll Project (November 10, 2013)

Town Hall in Wallingford, Connecticut where Honor Roll memorials are located to Wallingford residents who served in the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War

Samaritan Sunday is on hiatus this week in favor of posting for Heather Wilkinson Rojo's Military Honor Roll Project.  Heather's project is "an effort to transcribe and photograph military honor rolls" erected for the veterans of America's wars.  As Heather has explained, transcribing the names on the memorial honor rolls makes the names of the soldiers and sailors available to search engines and thus can aid descendants and family members in finding them via the internet.

A couple of years ago my cousin, Bruce Marquardt, took me on a mystery trip to downtown Wallingford, Connecticut to the former Lyman Hall school (now the Wallingford Town Hall).  My father lived for a time in Wallingford with his aunt (Bruce's grandmother) during a time that my father's mother was ill and his father needed assistance taking care of three children.  My father took some classes at Lyman Hall and I thought my cousin wanted to show me the former school, which I had never seen.  He did explain that the current Town Hall is housed in the former Lyman Hall school, but the real purpose of the trip was to show me the World War II Honor Roll dedicated to those residents of Wallingford that served during WWII.  Bruce pointed out to me for the first time that my father's name was included on the Honor Roll, since he served in the Merchant Marine transporting war materiel to the various theaters of war during WWII.  I took photographs of the WWII Honor Roll memorial from a distance and a close up of the section that showed my father's name.

I later learned of Heather Rojo's Military Honor Roll project well after I visited the Wallingford Honor Roll with my cousin and did not have photographs that showed the names on the memorial so that they could be read.  I contacted my cousin and asked if he would be so kind as to take photos of the memorial for me to transcribe the names and post them here on The Prism and as part of Heather's worthy project.  Bruce said he would be happy to do so and yesterday photographs arrived of all the war memorial honor rolls located on the grounds of the Town Hall in Wallingford.  Bruce provided close-up photographs of the Honor Roll memorials in Wallingford to those who served in the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.  THANK YOU BRUCE!!

Tonight I start the posting of Bruce's photographs and my transcription of the names shown on the Honor Rolls beginning with the Civil War Honor Roll.

The following men are listed as "Fallen Men Of The Civil War From Wallingford."  The names are transcribed here to assist with search engine capture.  The units in which each named honoree served can be obtained from the photographs of the Honor Roll memorial immediately above.

COL. Arthur H. Dutton                   SGT. Oliver S. Munson
CPL. George N. Bailey                   CPL John H. Boughton
CPL. Oscar Crusias                         CPL. Delevan W. Ives
CPL. Austin Phelps                         PVT. Patrick Condon
PVT. George V. Dagle                   PVT. Edward B. Dolph
PVT. Bernard Dougherty                PVT. Demetrius S. Dowd
PVT. Patrick Dunn                         PVT. Edward Early
PVT. Edward Hazard                     PVT. William Maschmeyer
PVT. Frederick Mayer                    PVT. Patrick Lynch
PVT. Thomas Lynch                      PVT. Harry L. Parsons
PVT. Samuel Richards                   PVT. Jonathan Swift
PVT. Edward Westerwood            Musician William H. Moore

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Memorial photographs by, and courtesy of, Bruce O. Marquardt.

Photograph of Wallingford Town Hall by the author.
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Copyright 2013, John D. Tew
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  1. Hi John - Great post - Your memorial certainly has a lot more names on it than the one I published!

    And one of these days, I am sure we will find a common ancestor!