Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Memories (January 12, 2015) -- The O'Kane Siblings (circa 1930)

Daniel Joseph O'Kane, Sr. (1889 - 1950) and his wife Nora C. Hayes ((1893 - 1981) had six children -- five of whom are pictured here in a proof from about 1930. The eldest child, Daniel J. O'Kane, Jr. (1919 - 2007), is the father of my wife Molly and the maternal grandfather of our two sons. He is at the extreme left in the photograph.

The other siblings shown in the photo (from left to right after Dan, Jr.) are Thomas J. O'Kane (1922 - 2008), Edward O'Kane (1921 - 2002), Raymond G. O'Kane (1925 - 1988), and Mary C. O'Kane (1928 - 1993). The sixth and youngest sibling, Grace P. O'Kane, was not born until 1933 and so is not pictured in this family portrait.

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Image scanned from an original in the family collection.
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  1. I'm glad that there was a second girl in the family. When I first saw the photo, I thought that it must have been difficult to be the only girl in a family with four brothers.

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting Sheryl!

      I imagine it would have been lonely and a challenge to be the only girl among four brothers and I understand Mary was overjoyed when she learned she would have a sister.

      I myself am the oldest of four -- three boys and one girl. My younger sister, however, was second born and not the youngest as Mary O'Kane was for a few years. My sister was understandably quite disappointed when the youngest in our family turned out to be another boy -- but she and he are now quite close. Still I think she would have loved to have had a sister at some point -- and I am sure that would have changed the family dynamics in many ways (probably mostly positive). But then my parents would have had five children to raise -- three boys and two girls -- and the cost and stress of doing that boggles my mind when I consider the challenges of raising just two sons (AND the joys of doing so also!).